We Put Community First

Come 9 September, 2017, this year’s Hornsby Council Election, vote Greens.

We’re excited to announce Bag Free Beecroft’s Emma Heyde is running for Mayor. She is joined by an accomplished and diverse set of candidates at the upcoming Hornsby Shire Council elections, including lead candidates Joseph Nicita and David Sentinella.

Emma wants to bring new ideas and energy to Hornsby Council. Four years of a radical pro-development agenda from Hornsby Council has left our Shire in a mess. We must get better control over where our rates are spent, who gets to build what and the neighbourhoods we leave to our children – after all, just look around at the rampant overdevelopment, choked public transport and impassable roads.

Emma’s vision for Hornsby:

  • Invest in better facilities for the children of Hornsby
  • Ensure council listens to ratepayers, not developers
  • Get smarter about waste and reduce plastic
  • Provide better services for commuters
  • Stop destructive over-development in South Dural
  • Promote ‘buy local’
  • Support businesses and communities in getting energy independence
  • Preserve our parks and bushlands

Meet our candidates.

I come from a community that doesn't wait for someone else to fix things. We don't whinge - we get on with finding solutions ourselves. That's why I led the spectacularly successful campaign by local Beecroft residents and businesses to reduce plastic waste. We kicked some big goals, including national TV coverage which helped to change Woolworths' policy on plastic.

I've got a proud history of standing up against South Dural developers and speaking up for residents and services. I have campaigned against the closure of the Epping to Chatswood train line and I have worked hard to protect bushland and urban tree canopy.

I love where I live. But sadly, four years of a radical pro-development agenda from Hornsby Council has left our Shire in a mess. The community trusts me to tackle these problems because I've got a proven record of honesty, hard work, and putting the community first.

Emma Heyde

for Hornsby Mayor


Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Greens actively campaigns on renewable energy, housing affordability, public transport, public education and preserving green spaces, while Greens NSW has altogether over 50 separate policies.