Greens call for urgent action on affordable housing

Emma Heyde says such developments
only benefit the rich

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Greens

8 April

Greens call for urgent action on affordable housing

Greens candidate for Berowra, Emma Heyde, has called on governments to act on creating affordable housing in the Berowra electorate.

Ms Heyde said, “There is a myth that more development solves the problem of people on average incomes not being able to afford housing close to where they work.

“We’ve seen massive apartment developments go up – but prices are going up just as fast.

“Why aren’t the Liberal governments at local, state and federal level in the Hornsby area working cooperatively to address the fact that people like teachers, nurses, police and small business owners often can’t afford to live near where they work?

“Wages increased by 2.3% in Sydney last year. House prices increased by 22.9%.

“People in suburbs that have seen massive growth in property prices like Dural and Pennant Hills worry that even while they’ve enjoyed big gains, their own kids can’t afford to live anywhere near them.

“As a Greens MP, I will actively campaign to phase out the overly generous negative gearing and capital gains tax discounts.

“These tax arrangements overwhelmingly benefit wealthy investors and drive up prices for everyone.

“Over 73 per cent of concessions flow to the top 10 percent of income earners.

“Let’s see urgent action from local, state and federal governments on housing affordability so that it’s not just developers and investors who benefit from all the new housing being built,” Ms Heyde said.


The Greens policy on affordable housing.