Time to make our parks truly National

Our national parks are precious places. On World Environment Day, the Australian Greens announced a new plan to protect national parks under national environment law.   Read the fact sheet

In our part of Sydney, we are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful National Parks. But in these days of radical "conservative" state premiers in a chest beating competition to see who can unprotect environment the most, how safe are our national parks from logging, mining, grazing? Locally, we see the threat of many incursions through inappropriate activities and developments. Rezoning of sensitive areas for unsustainable housing and the inappropriate placement of facilities such as sports fields in Berowra Valley National Park.


The Greens believe that planning plays a vital role in minimising environmental harm and maximising social well-being. Urban planning needs must minimise urban sprawl and promote growth of mixed-use urban villages in rural and regional areas. Planning needs to integrate zero and low emission transport systems that are ecological sustainable, provide equity of access, and ensure public ownership of critical public transport infrastructure.


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