Keep Local Government Local - Oppose Amalgamations

Fit for the Future? Fit for the dustbin.

David Shoebridge MLC, NSW Greens spokesperson for Local Government

The Greens NSW are committed to grassroots democracy. This means we support local councils being active, vibrant and genuinely local. This means we won’t support the Coalition’s ‘Fit For the Future’ package which seeks to amalgamate councils across the state. The package is essentially using financial blackmail to push for forced amalgamations. On too many occasions the Coalition government has sought to silence local voices and sell democracy to the highest corporate bidder. Forced amalgamations, bigger bureaucracies and less democracy is not the answer for NSW local government. Local government must be kept local. What are they key issues with Fit for the Future?

World Environment Day - Greens Stall

Our stall at Hornsby Mall for Hornsby Council's inaugural World Environment Day Festival was a huge success. The 100% renewal campaign and the biodiversity campaign attracted a lot of attention. Even in the winter sun, our solar-powered stall kept the fridge running and charged mobile phones. Congratulations to the Community Events team at the Council for their superb organisation and management. 

Health Privatisation Forum Warns of Foreign Exposure Risk

Hospital Privatisation is a Health Risk

Sustainable health campaigner, Caroline Colton, warned of the financial risks associated with the Northern Beaches Hospital at a forum at Mona Vale Memorial Hall on Saturday 14th of March 2015.

Caroline, a PhD candidate from the University of Wollongong, has been researching privatisation of public assets for two years. Her presentation revealed the extent of foreign ownership of the new Northern Beaches 'private' hospital by global asset management corporations and investment banks.

“Healthscope”, the corporation that won the tender to operate the replacement hospital for Mona Vale and Manly, is nearly 40% owned by the US based Carlyle Group and TPG (Texas Pacific Group)”, she said.  Other major foreign investors include BlackRock, J. P. Morgan and the Swiss, UBS.   “Foreign ownership means that every time a patient uses the hospital, money will leave the Australian economy,” she said.

Also attending the Forum was Greens candidate for Davidson, David Sentinella who raised concerns over the risk to the hospital of a stock market crash. “Hospitals are vital social infrastructure, they should not be exposed to risk on the finance markets”, he said.  Last year Greens MLC Dr John Kaye raised this issue with Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, who replied, “This is about as likely to happen as pigs might fly”.  However, at this forum, Caroline Colton pointed out that a number of Healthscope’s shareholders, including J. P. Morgan and UBS were bailed out by US and Swiss taxpayers in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.  “It’s clearly risky”, said Caroline Colton, “so the NSW taxpayer has to ask whether the Northern Beaches hospital is ‘too important to fail’”.

Supporting the East Lindfield Alliance's stance against AusGrid and the Liberal Government.

The output of an entire Hunter Valley Power Station will pass through these cablesPrivatisation, over-development and the Baird Government's complete disregard for the community.

David Sentinella, The Greens Candidate of Davidson was invited to speak at a protest meeting in East Lindfield on Tuesday 24 March.

“I congratulate the East Lindfield Alliance and all the supporters who have put in so much work and made a stand against AusGrid's so called cable upgrade”  said David Sentinella.

The Liberal candidate, and sitting member, Jonathon O'Dea sidelined the concerns of residents by confining his remarks to road repair issues, and brushed aside any concerns about electromagnetic radiation, privatisation, over-development, and the lack of community consultation. The community feels completely ignored and powerless in the face of an increasingly arrogant Baird Liberal Government.

“Residents must know that this AusGrid project is worse than living under massive electricity pylons. At least with pylons, the cables are stung high up, here they are 600mm under the road. The concerns about electromagnetic radiation are very real, and the community has been ignored, lied to, and treated very badly indeed.”

“Obviously the damaged roads need to be restored to their original condition. 'Making good' is not good enough, this leaves ratepayers having to pick up the bill for infrastructure 'passing through' these suburbs.”  said David Sentinella.

Greens paint alternative vision to training privatisation

Greens NSW MP John Kaye
10 March 2015

The Greens announced today that they will be moving to protect TAFE's public funding from competition and slash fees, in a $900 million boost to the public provider’s annual secure budget.

Under the Greens' "Fund TAFE First" replacement for the Baird government's "Smart and Skilled", the public provider would have first access to all funds for each course that it teaches or could teach.

Greens Candidates united in support of community charter

Greens Candidates united in support of community charter

Greens MLC and spokesperson on planning, David Shoebridge; Greens candidate for Manly, Clara Williams Roldan; Greens candidate for Davidson, David Sentinella, Greens candidate for Pittwater, Felicity Davis; Greens candidate for Wakehurst, Dr. Jonathan King; and James Ryan representing the Nature Conversation Council and The Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW.


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