Transport Vision & 2020 Infrastructure Plan for NSW

The Greens today launched their plan for world-class public transport to create more liveable communities, transform how people in NSW connect with each other and access schools, universities and work.

The Greens Transport Plan for Liveable Communities will improve our quality of life, alleviate traffic congestion, reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and end the era multibillion dollar toll roads.

The people of NSW deserve much better public transport options.

Greens NSW Upper House MP and spokesperson for Transport Dr Mehreen Faruqi was joined by Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker to announce the Greens Transport Plan which will:

  • End the dominance of 1950s style transport planning and redirect more than $4.5 billion away from private toll roads towards public transport solutions in Sydney and connect our cities and regions.
  • Affordability, accessibility and safety in transport, including extending public transport concessions to all low-income earners in possession of a Low Income Health Care Card, doubling the Taxi Transport Subsidy and expanding the free school travel program to cover the light rail network.
  • Transparency in transport decision-making. Legislate to release business cases and cost benefit analyses for major projects and engage in a public participation process before final decisions are made.
  • End piecemeal transport planning and establish strategic goals to reduce the share of trips made by private cars to 50% (currently 67%) and a subsequent 17% increase in the share of trips made by public and active transport by 2030.

    Read More at The Greens NSW website

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