NorthConnex is proposed as a solution to traffic congestion along Pennant Hills Road. However, even the project’s own modelling shows that travel times along Pennant Hills Road will be slower when the tunnel is fully operation in 2019 than they are now. Transurban, the company building NorthConnex, state on their website that "Filtration is not proposed for NorthConnex as it would not deliver any measurable benefits to the surrounding community." They are also on record as stating that "filtration was found not to represent value for money”. This means concentrated pollutants will be forced out of unfiltered ventilation stacks along the route, putting the community at risk. Constructing new tollways simply leads to more traffic, more pollution, and ultimately more congestion. Without a holistic approach to transport, roads can never properly satisfy the mobility needs of the community. Instead of building NorthConnex, the Greens propose:

  • Upgrading of Sydney’s heavy rail network, with more frequent and more reliable trains
  • Building the Epping to Parramatta heavy rail line
  • Separating passenger and freight rail lines
  • Prioritising funding from road freight to rail freight
  • Investing $2.1 billion in light rail
  • Investing 250 million in integrated cycleways for Sydney
  • Commit to building the Melbourne-Brisbane Inland Rail.

See the full Greens Transport Vision for 2020 at the NSW Greens website.