We Put Community First

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Greens is proud to have two representatives in Hornsby Council.

Cr Emma Heyde – The Greens

Address: c/- Hornsby Shire Council, PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630
Phone: (02) 9847 6666
Mobile: 0403 589 722
Email:  eheyde@hornsby.nsw.gov.au

Emma is deeply committed to her local area and its small businesses, which she has shown with a successful campaign to reduce plastic waste called Bag Free Beecroft. Her priorities include: 

  • Stopping destructive overdevelopment.
  • Supporting businesses and residents in gaining energy independence.
  • Getting smarter about waste and the reduction of plastic.
  • Increasing urban tree canopy cover and introducing other cooling strategies for streets, neighbourhoods, playgrounds and parks.


  • Emma and her family have lived in the Beecroft-Cheltenham area for more than 20 years.
  • She deeply values her connections with the numerous civic, environmental and residents’ groups.
  • Emma has been part of many community efforts to make Hornsby Shire more sustainable, fairer and greener, most notably her Bag Free Beecroft initiative.

Cr Joe Nicita – The Greens

Address: c/- Hornsby Shire Council, PO Box 37, Hornsby NSW 1630
Phone: (02) 9847 6666
Email: jnicita@hornsby.nsw.gov.au

Joseph is thrilled and proud to have been elected to represent the local community and is pursuing the following key priorities:

  • Supporting our local childcare services and sporting communities.
  • Working with local business and community groups to encourage greater use of renewables.
  • Protecting our precious green spaces from overdevelopment.


  • Joe has lived in Hornsby Shire for 22 years, the third generation of his family to live here.
  • He is a member of Amnesty International-Hornsby Action Group.
  • Joe is an active and committed member of the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Greens.


Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Greens actively campaigns on renewable energy, housing affordability, public transport, public education and preserving green spaces, while Greens NSW has altogether over 50 separate policies.